The Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the dialogue between cultures organized a regional ‎training on the participation of young people in local public life in Beirut, from 17 to 21 February, in ‎cooperation with the Technical Bureau of Lebanese Cities/ United Cities and Local Governments and the ‎Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, in the framework of the Citizens for Dialogue programme – DAWRAK.

The training brought together around 60 participants from the Mashrek countries (Egypt, Palestine, ‎Syria, Lebanon and Jordan), as well as experts from other countries, and aimed at exchanging different ‎experiences and good practices in the field of cooperation between local authorities, civil society and ‎institutions and to develop the capacity of civil society in the field of dialogue management at local level.‎

The opening session was held on Monday, February 17, 2014 at the Holiday Inn Dunes Hotel ‎‎– Verdun, in the presence of the Executive Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation Mr. Andreu Claret, the ‎First Counselor and Head of Sustainable Development Studies at the Delegation of the European Union to ‎Lebanon Mr. Marcello Mori, the Head of the Lebanese Network Dr. Zahida Darwiche Jabbour, Lebanese ‎Mayors Committee, the Mayor of Beirut Dr. Bilal Hamad, alongside representatives of the Ministries of ‎Interior and Youth, representatives of Euro-Mediterranean embassies, as well as civil society and the ‎media.‎

During this training, Iván Martin participated in the Introductory session (Monday 17 February, 15h30 – 17h30) and dealt with the topic: “Mobilizing Arab Youth: Making Sense in the Plethora of Programmes and Initiatives”.

In the wake of the meeting, it has been agreed that:

 - Ivan Martin will participate in other similar events as a member of the panel of experts

 - SAHWA will be associated to the “Youth in Local Politics” component of the project DAWRAK – Citizens for Dialogue.

 - The SAHWA logo will be displayed in two seminars (Algiers, June 2014 ; Cairo, October 2014) and in a Handbook on Youth Participation in      Local Dialogue             

This agreement will be implemented from June 2014 on.

Photo: Anna Lindh Foundation

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