SAHWA Project participates in the Helsinki Sociology Days 2015

At the occasion of the Helsinki Annual Sociology conference (March 5th 2015) , the Finnish Youth Research Network (FYRN), a partner involved into the SAHWA Project, participated in a working group on transnational political ethnography. The accepted abstract is available here.


Research director of FYRN Leena Suurpää and researcher Sofia Laine were among the coordinators of this group, which organised two sessions: papers in general political sociology on the one hand and ethnographic studies of politics on the other hand.


Throughout the second session dealing with ethnographies of politics and political action through a comparative lens, Sofia Laine introduced the SAHWA Project to the audience, especially the ethnographic fieldwork to be carried out in the SAHWA countries of study. She focused on the construction phase of the transnational ethnographic setting, pointing out potentials as well as challenges.


The presentation is available here. 

The accepted abstract is available here.

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