On the 20th of March, CIDOB organised a project presentation meeting during which it introduced the SAHWA Project to a panel of Catalan stakeholders. Besides the Scientific Coordinator of the project (CIDOB), Toni Reig i Casassas, Director General for Youth in the Government of Catalonia, and Carles Feixa, Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Lleida, one of the main partners of the Project, intervened in the presentation.

SAHWA aims at analysing perspectives of and prospects for Arab Mediterranean youth in a context marked by multiple transitions (demographic, political, economic, etc.). In this view, Toni Reig, pointed out the usefulness of SAHWA for policy-makers – especially for youth and cooperation policies – to the extent that youth policies always aim to support the emancipation and empowerment of young people, one of the axes of analysis of the project. Carles Feixa, who is the coordinator of SAHWA at the University of Lleida, also underlined the interest of SAHWA through the concept of the magic triangle that lay the foundations for synergies between research, public policies and social work.

 With a view to exploring possible synergies between the SAHWA Project, this meeting was the opportunity for the stakeholders to introduce themselves and to explain the projects related to youth they are working on.

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