The Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, leader of the SAHWA Project, hosted the SAHWA Kick-off Meeting in Barcelona with the participation of the 15 partners and the 9 members of the Scientific Advisory Panel. After having clarified the technical, legal and financial aspects of the project implementation, all the participants discussed the implementation of the SAHWA Project over the three coming years.

As a result, it has been commonly agreed that the SAHWA Youth Survey and the Fieldwork in Local Context will be carried out concomitantly, in order to provide both qualitative and quantitative data on Arab Mediterranean Youth. Finally, the dates for the second Project meeting, to be held in Rabat, have been set up: the meeting will take place on June 18th – 20th, 2014. It will be dedicated to the presentation of a series of background papers as well as the Concept Paper for SAHWA, both laying the theoretical framework within which the SAHWA Project will be developing. As for the empirical research, the meeting in Rabat will aim to reach a common agreement on the methodology used for both the SAHWA Youth Survey and the Fieldwork in Local Context. 

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