On the June 18-20, the CESEM of the Institute of Graduate Management Studies (HEM), the Moroccan partner of the SAHWA Project, hosted the second plenary meeting of the project in Rabat

All 15 partners of the project, their scientific coordinators, youth survey experts and fieldwork coordinators participated in the meeting, as well as the members of the SAHWA Scientific Advisory Panel. The participants discussed the Concept Paper for the SAHWA project and the seven Background Papers, setting out a state of the art on each of the research themes and the key research questions to focus on during the empirical phase of the project. These Background Papers explore a range of topics and issues related to youth in the Arab Mediterranean countries:


               -       Employment, Education and Social Inclusion

               -       Youth Mobilization and Political Participation

               -       Institutions, Laws and Practices Hampering Women Engagement

               -       Youth Culture, Values, Representations and Social Conditions

               -       Experiences in Transition and Transformation from Europe and Elsewhere

               -       Public Policies and International Cooperation

               -       A SAHWA Youth Survey in Arab Mediterranean Countries


During the next year, the SAHWA Project will focus on ethnographic fieldwork in local context and the implementation of a region-wide youth survey to collect evidence on these research questions.

A public event entitled “Youth Surveys in the Arab World, Challenges and Lessons” will culminate this meeting on Friday 20 June 2014. 

SAHWA Project Coordinator's explanation for the SAHWA Project (French)

Baghat Korany's intervention on the relevance of researching Arab youth in the region (Arabic)

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