Cartography of change

The Cartography of Change is an innovative tool aimed at those interested in mapping cultural, socio-economic, educational and political trends in the region.

The SAHWA Cartography of Change has considered all quantitative and qualitative data generated in the SAHWA Youth Survey and SAHWA Ethnographic Fieldwork. The project generated data providing a series of youth indicators that it is mapped as social and cultural indicators in each case study country and on a regional comparative scale. This data is capable of display in a “multi-scale format”, that is to say, from local scale to regional. Graphics and maps of regional and national scale are produced using quantitative data and local maps and graphics are produced using qualitative data.

There are two different ways to visualize the Cartography of Change:

-      By downloading the full document in PDF (low quality)

-      By accessing to the main index and downloading each section separatedly (high quality).

Downloads & Sources:

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