Cartography of Change (Main Index)

Main Index


1. Introduction

2. Quantitative cartography (Download)

            2.1 General information (Download)

            2.2 General information of the respondents (Download)

            2.3 Youth opportunities: Education and employment (Download)

            2.4 Youth engagement (Download)

            2.5 Youth culture and values (Download)

            2.6 Youth mobility and migration (Download)


3. Qualitative cartography (Download)

            3.1 Focus group cartography: Word clouds (Download)

                        3.1.1 Making the SAHWA word clouds 

                        3.1.2 SAHWA word clouds maps

                        Focus group word clouds maps

                        SAHWA topics word clouds maps

                        SAHWA country studies word clouds by topic 

            3. 2 Youth places cartography (Download)

            3. 3 Life Stories videos cartography 

4. Final remarks 

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