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The life stories video collection is complementary material to the Life Stories written reports. These recorded interviews were conducted through months 16 and 20 by a member of the task force and an ethnographic team member during the transnational ethnographic visits. The idea was to film two conversations per country (a boy and a girl, keeping in mind geographical and socioeconomic variables), reflecting the option of establishing a generational story (of people of similar age), and set the focus on ten young voices when possible. To reflect the possible generational discourse in the region, in the recorded video interviews the same semi-structured questionnaire was used, following eight main thematic areas:

1) presentation of young person;

2) how they see their own generation;

3) how they see adults and generational relations;

4) presentation of their village/neighbourhood/city and their main activities;

5) a dialogue about the current situation in the world;

6) remembering childhood and adolescence;

7) a view of the current situation in the country; 

8) a view of the future.

The aim was that every young person interviewed could show their worries, aspirations and opportunities. The information in this thematic map describes the location of eight Life Stories videos, incorporating links to these videos through a URL link. At the same time, these maps show descriptive information (interviewee profile), such as name, birthplace, place of residence, age, occupation, etc.

View the ArcGIS Online map of Live Stories Videos here 

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