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Within the framework of our Project, the SAHWA Community is a virtual community bringing together key stakeholders on Arab Mediterranean youth. Its main objective is to generate debate among experts on Arab youth by creating a wide network of people with different backgrounds related to Arab youth (policy-makers, journalists, scholars, etc.) thus making room for fruitful synergies. Our purpose is to make this Community a platform where all SAHWA Community members share the most relevant news, sources, calls for papers/projects and information about Arab youth. SAHWA Community members also benefit from the SAHWA outputs in avant-première: this includes results from the SAHWA Youth Survey and Ethnographic Fieldwork, a Cartography of Change and a wide series of scientific and policy-oriented publications.



The SAHWA Community is a closed group under LinkedIn main platform. This means that content and discussions shared within the group can only be seen by selected and approved members. LinkedIn has proven to be successful in meeting different users’ social media preferences, while offering familiar, professional, and user-friendly interfaces. Contents will be shared and we encourage members to participate in. LinkedIn groups provide a place for professionals and stakeholders to share contents and enables group members to discuss the content and actively participate in all sorts of discussions. 


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