Education for Employment unveils the 2014 Storybook

Education for Employment, a partner involved into the SAHWA Project, unveiled the 2014 Storybook: a compilation of over 40 stories of EFE graduates who has been trained and placed in jobs in 2014.

“Look through Kefi’s eyes (p. 40) in Tunisia to understand how it feels to be locked out of the job market, with no path forward.  Learn from Mohab in Egypt (p. 9) about the dignity that comes from leaving your house to go to a job, and the pride that you feel having earned a position through hard work and skills in a country where nepotism is all too prevalent.  From the Six Stars in Yemen (p. 44) and Manal in Jordan (p. 17), understand the sense of pride that comes with confounding expectations of what women can achieve.  Follow Meriem’s story (p. 28) in Morocco to grasp how connecting one young person to work can lift a struggling family, and see from Nisreen’s perspective (p. 3) in Palestine how the stability of a job can be a platform for youth volunteerism.”

Click here to download the EFE 2014 Storybook.

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