SAHWA: Ethnographic Fieldwork and Youth Survey Workshop

Next February 04-06, the Center of Arab Woman for Training and Research (CAWTAR), the Tunisian partner of the SAHWA Project, will host the Ethnographic Fieldwork and Youth Survey Workshop in Tunis. Along with CIDOB – leader of the SAHWA Youth Survey – and the University of Lleida – coordinator of the Ethnographic Fieldwork – all Arab Mediterranean partners of SAHWA (HEM, CREAD, CAWTAR, AUC and the LAU), the Youth Survey Task Force, the Ethnographic Fieldwork Task Force, the national survey experts and fieldwork coordinators will participate in this seminar.

The participants will discuss the further implementation of the two pillars of the SAHWA Project: the SAHWA Youth Survey and the Ethnographic Fieldwork. On the one hand, the members of the Youth Survey Task Force will agree on the SAHWA Youth Survey questionnaire and the common methodology to be implemented in the 5 countries of studies. On the other hand, the Ethnographic fieldwork sessions will focus on the national methodologies as well as the Ethnographic tools and techniques to be used in the same 5 countries. The agreements arising from this seminar will help the SAHWA Team to further implement the project according to its unique methodology, which consists in blending qualitative (ethnographic fieldwork) with quantitative (survey) methodologies.

The seminar agenda is available here.

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