The 2014 Edition of the IEMed Yearbook includes a Dossier on Arab Youth

The new edition of the IEMed Yearbook provides a state-of-the-art review of today’s Arab youth through three dimensions:

- Youth Unemployment in an article entitled Labour Market and Education: Youth and Unemployment in the Spotlight and written by Ummuhan Bardak, labour market expert and member of the Advisory Panel of SAHWA.


- Youth Values and Identities through the article “Arab Youth Values and Identities: Impact of the Arab Uprisings” written by Charles Harb (American University of Beirut)


- Youth Empowerment: Daniela Pioppi and M. Cristina Paciella, Project coordinators for the FP7 Project POWER2YOUTH, analyze “Youth Empowerment as a Collective, Bottom-Up and Long-Term Process”.


The IEMed Yearbook 2014 will be available soon on the IEMed website.


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