The SAHWA Project: Researching Arab Mediterranean Youth: Towards a New Social Contract.

Have you heard about the SAHWA Project?

- The SAHWA Project’s main goal is to research youth prospects and perspectives in a context of multiple social, economic and political transitions in five Arab Mediterranean countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon). More about SAHWA.

- SAHWA explores a wide range of issues related to youth such as education, employment, empowerment and political engagement, migration, culture, values, gender issues, public policies and international cooperation (more about the SAHWA Research Themes).

- Throughout its implementation, the SAHWA Project will produce a variety of outputs, ranging from a multi-country youth survey to an interactive cartography, including sets of scientific, academic and policy-oriented papers. Click here for further information about the SAHWA Outputs.



- SAHWA brings together a consortium of fifteen partners, universities and research centers from Europe and Arab countries. They all work closely with a prestigious Scientific Advisory Panel.

- The SAHWA Team developed a series of external partnerships with other institutions or projects dealing with youth in the region such as POWER2YOUTH, the Egypt Population Council and the Anna Lindh Foundation.

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