Gender Equity

As a youth-focused project, SAHWA seeks to promote a gendered approach to youth to give better results overall. These results range from the understanding of the role of women in the ongoing political, economic, social and cultural transformation to the significance of states and institutions in reproducing and maintaining existing inequalities, particularly between young men and women in Arab Mediterranean countries.

In this regard, this cross cutting Work Package will be dedicated to the analysis of the collected data through a gendered perspective. Thus, gender will be one of the major cross cutting components of the SAHWA Project. In addition to taking into account gender when analyzing the collected data, different pathways that could foster equality between men and women will also be explored. To achieve this, research will indicate the lacking and emerging conditions for establishing social justice in gender relations as well as the socio-economic factors leading to the exclusion of women will also be tackled. The cross cutting research question of this Work Package is:

How do gender relations in Arab youth daily life affect and are affected by the outcomes of education, employment, cultural values and practices and political participation? To what extent do civic action and public policies take into account these dynamics?




•          Cluster of Scientific papers dealing with all the SAHWA Research Themes gender perspectives (unemployment, education, school-to-work transition, women's political participation and social inclusion, new cultural dynamics, etc.).

•          Policy report on gendering youth empowerment in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries.



Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (Tunisia) and University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)


Partners involved

ANIMA Investment Network (France)

Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquée pour le Développement (Algeria)

Education for Employment (Spain)

Institut des Hautes Etudes de Management (Morocco)

Middle East Technical University (Turkey)

Finnish Youth Research Network (Finland)

Lebanese American University (Lebanon)

American University in Cairo (Egypt)

University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)

University of Lleida (Spain)

University of BREMEN (Germany)

Plovdiv University (Bulgaria)

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