Migration and International Mobility

Since the outbreak of the so-called Arab Spring, the European media and political leaders displayed a growing concern about the impact of the political developments in the MENA region on the migration flows. Without taking into account the sensation-seeking attitude of some media and politicians, there is evidence that migration played a key role in the protests that sparked across the region. Nonetheless, those migration trends are not an exclusive outcome of the massive protests in the region: they had existed a long time before 2011 and need to be analyzed in a wider perspective. Hence the need to research these issues in a broader perspective.

The possibility of declining migration opportunities from the AMCs to Europe, the exclusion of Arab Mediterranean youth from job markets, the high levels of empowerments are all potentially informative indicators that deserve closer consideration. In this regard, this cross cutting Work Package will research the main determinants of migration and migration intentions before trying to figure out their evolution and effects on local societies and transnational mobility through the following research question:

What impact does international migration of nationals have on Arab youth values, lives and decisions?



•          Cluster of Scientific papers dealing with migration issues (human mobility in the Mediterranean, impact of migration on labor markets, cooperation, women’s mobility, and youth migration intentions among others).

•          Set of Scenario reports identifying trends, continuities, and breaks in migration and mobility issues in the five countries of study.

•          Policy report on the implications for the Euro-Mediterranean relations



Barcelona Center for International Affairs (Spain) and Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquée pour le Développement (Algeria)


Partners involved

ANIMA Investment Network (France)

Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (Tunisia)

Education for Employment (Spain)

Institut des Hautes Etudes de Management (Morocco)

Middle East Technical University (Turkey)

Finnish Youth Research Network (Finland)

Lebanese American University (Lebanon)

American University in Cairo (Egypt)

University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)

University of Lleida (Spain)

University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)

University of BREMEN (Germany)

Plovdiv University (Bulgaria)

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