Decision to Emigrate amongst the Youth in Lebanon

Entitled “Decision to Emigrate amongst the Youth in Lebanon” this article is written by Ghassan Dibeh, Ali Fakih and Walid Marrouch on International Migration Journal

The article studies the determinants of youth emigration decisions, which is considered one of the main causes of ‘Brain Drain’ in Arab Mediterranean Countries (AMCs). It is focused on the case of Lebanon using a unique dataset covering young people aged 15 to 29 from the year2016. The aim of the article is to identify the profile of youth’s propensity to emigrate from Lebanon.

The data is retrieved from the SAHWA Youth Survey (2016), which is a nationally representative survey of 2,000 young respondents aged from 15 to 29 within private households


doi: 10.1111/imig.12347

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