SAHWA Documentary is available online

“Khamsa” (five) the SAHWA documentary is now available online in full version.

Five youths, five Mediterranean cities, five stories. Hiba, Hakeem, Seif, Nina and Ayoub. Beirut, Alexandria, Djerba, Timezrit and Casablanca. A journey through the dreams and preoccupations of five people united by a generation and the waters of a shared sea, but separated by distant horizons and environments. Through their own voices and recorded with their own eyes, we roam these five young people’s universes.

The film was directed by the journalist and documentary filmmaker Marc Almodóvar. He also directed ten documentaries and worked as a freelance journalist based in Egypt for nearly five years. Among its publications, Marc is author of the book Egipto tras la barricada (2014, Virus) and maker of the documentaries Erhal (2011), Eskandereya (2010), BCN Thematic Park (2009) and Més enllà de la ficció (2007), among others.


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1) Press Pack (English) - (Arab) - (Spanish) - (French) - (Catalan)

2) Poster (English) - (Arab) - (Spanish) - (French) - (Catalan

3) Main Characters

      a) Ayoub (Casablanca, Morocco)

      b) Nina (Timezrit, Algeria)

      c) Seif (Djerba, Tunisia)

      d) Hakeem (Alexandria, Egypt)

      e) Hiba (Beirut, Lebanon)

4) Images

      a) Image 1 (Eye picture)

      b) Image 2 (Telephone cabin)

      c) Image 3 (Sunset)


Other presentations

          Barcelona, April 29th, University of Barcelona (Spain)

          Rabat, May 5th, Université Mohamed VI (Morocco)

          Alexandria, May 17th, El Cabina (Egypt)

          Cairo, May 18th, American University in Cairo (Egypt)

          Lleida, June 8th, University of Lleida (Spain)

          Madrid, July 12th, Casa Arabe of Madrid (Spain)


Talking about Khamsa

       - Interview at Catalunya Radio "Mapamundi" (07/06/2016) 

       - Press release in "El punt avui" (28/05/2016)

       - Press release for the "Ethnological Museum of Barcelona website" (21/07/2016)

       - Interview at Radio Nacional de España "El mundo de las casas" (26/07/2016)

       - Interview at Radio Nacional 3 "Coordenadas" (27/09/2016)

       - Interview at Radio Nacional 3 "Mediterráneo" (18/10/2016)


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